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All forms are in PDF format.
If you do not have a PDF reader, please 
click here to download and install Adobe Reader.

In order to save you time we recommend you use your computer or laptop.  

  1. Please call IMPACT Gymnastics Academy to find out exactly which forms are needed.
  2. Click on the button(s) below to view form(s) (one form at a time).
  3. Use your browser’s default PDF viewer to download/save the form to your computer, then open the PDF form with Adobe Reader. All of our forms can be filled out electronically OR if you rather print the form, and handwrite.
  4. Fill out all of the information as needed.
  5. We suggest you save a copy with all of your information on your computer for your records. (In Acrobat reader click File> Save As)
  6. Print the form(s).
  7. Be sure to initial, sign, and date all forms.
  8. Bring the form(s) with you to IMPACT Gymnastics Academy.