Kinder Kids


The Kinder Kids program consists of classes for children 6 months to 5 years.  Learn the A, B, C’s of our program:  Active Kids, Big Kids, Curious Kids, Dynamite Kids! To view the Kinder Kids schedule and other class schedules, click HERE


Free for Toddlers 6 thru 17 months old AND one parent / 30 mins
This free class is for toddlers 6 thru 17 months old, parent participation is mandatory. In this 30 minute class the students will enjoy the world of exploration and movement education. We provide a stress free environment for the child to begin moving and mastering movement. Our talented coaches encourage guided exploration of our mini circuits set up with tunnels, slides, mini mountains, tilting and rocking mats, ball pit, soft balance beams, parachutes and more. This is definitely a can’t-wait-to-come-back experience! This class will remain free until your child reaches 18 months and can move to the next level. A $35 annual membership fee is the only cost required for this class.  Once you are a member, there is not limit to the number of classes that you can attend weekly.  Come join the fun and come often, your baby will love it!


For kids 18 months thru 2 years old AND parent participation / 45 mins
This class will provide parents with instruction on how to engage their children in basic gymnastics skills designed to enhance your child’s motor, listening, and social skills through fun gymnastics oriented activities. We offer child size equipment to provide ease of use and confidence for our Itty Bitty Kids. The children will learn valuable socialization skills, independence, and how to take turns which will improve developing attention spans. The gymnastics instruction will be age appropriate and assist the children in hand-eye coordination as well as flexibility and strength.


For potty trained kids 3 years old / 50 mins / Class ratio 6:1
This will be the first time that children will explore the gym by themselves. The student/teacher ratio for this class is 6 to 1 as the students need more attention as they begin to develop their independence. Our coaches use fun techniques, equipment, and lots of encouragement to appeal to your child’s natural curiosity while learning gymnastics.


For kids 4 years old / 55 mins / Class Ratio 6:1
Children at this age progress at a rapid rate as they begin to master control of their bodies. Our highly trained instructors will engage the children in fun circuits that teach the children skills through progression. The children will learn perseverance as they begin to have repetition in skills to master the skill. The student/teacher ratio for this group is 6 to 1.


For kids 5 years old / 55 mins / Class Ratio 8:1
These kids are ready to roll. They have longer attention spans, better motor skills, strength and coordination. Children this age begin to master basic skills in a shorter period of time. We build upon the basic levels and begin teaching more in depth skills. These kids typically do more repetitive gymnastics as they perfect their skills while still utilizing a progressions approach to skills. The student/teacher ratio is 8 to 1.


Invitation Only for kids 4 – 5 years old / 85 mins / Class Ratio 8:1
Dynamites is the second level of our Kinder Kids program. In this level, students progress with the basics of skills required for our team program.  This class meets once a week for 85 minutes.